What Our Clients Have to Say:

Diane’s personal training expertise has helped me achieve my weight loss and fitness goals. Through her training techniques and nutritional support, I have achieved the results I was looking for. I have lost 25lbs with Diane’s help and have never felt better. Her dedication and energy is infectious and drives me to work harder week after week. Diane sets best in class standards for her industry and I would highly recommend working out with Diane to others no matter what level you are at.”
– Pela Watson

I began to train with Diane 3 years ago when I noticed that I had started to gain some weight and didn’t feel as healthy as I used to. I was 42 years old and was disappointed in myself, as I had always been very active and in shape for most of my life. When I first saw Diane, I weighed 220lbs and had 21% body fat. Within 2 months after starting the dietary regimen and training program Diane created for me, I got down to my college weight (195lbs) and 10% body fat. Almost 3 years later, I’ve been able to maintain that weight and body fat level with her continued guidance and support.”
– Jim Bell

“I broke my shoulder almost two years ago. When ‘physical therapy’ ended & I was far from recovered, my doctor recommended Diane. Her limitless effort in helping me has allowed me to progress past my expectation. She has focused her attention to my individual goals & needs & as my doctor said, she “thinks” about each client’s training program. As a bonus, she guides me in nutrution & health. Thank, Diane, you’re the best!”
– Karen K.

My job requires strength and stamina, which is why I chose Diane. She is a very motivating trainer, encouraging you to give all you have and then some! Even if you’re not working out with her and she spies you lifting wrong, she’ll correct you. I have noticed a great improvement in my physique and others have commented on it frequently.”
– Judith B.

“Diane is a talented personal trainer. Her in-depth knowledge comes from successful hands-on experience and pursuit of excellence. I have come to love the pain of working out again because of her passion to help my unique needs. Anyone can read exercise techniques, but talent cannot be taught.”
– Kourosh K.

Diane, thanks for everything! Your training program is the best thing I have invested in for my health yet!”
– Bill Brennen

“Diane is a tremendous source of knowledge for proper technique, nutrition and setting up a training program to suit my specific goals. She motivated me to focus and train hard, harder than I thought I could, while still making our sessions fun. Whether you are a novice or an amateur looking for a new approach, I would strongly recommend Diane LaCourse.”
– Donna Nichols

I started training with Diane 2-1/2 years ago, pretty weak after just completing chemotherapy. She is very good at working around any physical problems I have and modifying the workout to my needs. At times, she is more of a physical therapist working on aches and physical conditions that happen due to age or being a weekend warrior. She has also made me more aware that diet works hand-in-hand with exercise and has given me many nutritious and delicious recipes. She really cares about each of her clients and makes every workout very specific to that person. Diane offers the full package. She helps me take care of my whole body. I am 64 years old and thanks to Diane, have never felt better.
– Lorraine Wheeler

“I have worked out weekly with Diane for thirteen years. Three years ago, I had bilateral knee replacement surgery. I’m convinced that my ongoing weight training prior to my surgery and getting back to regular workouts after rehab gave me the strength and flexibility I needed to make a complete recovery. Diane is very professional, committed and knowledgeable, and I highly recommend her services.
– Kathy Verracco

I have been working with Diane on a weekly basis for about 6 years. As a “weekend warrior” in my mid thirties when we began, I loved skiing, biking, hiking and various adventure races. However, I felt limited due to constant upper back and neck problems.  My physical therapist often reminded me that strength training would make the difference and I finally met with Diane. Since that time, I have not experienced any pain that I couldn’t take care of within a day or two. I am now able to ski at a significantly higher level and bike over 100 miles per week with no pain. My overall strength and endurance is better than it was in my twenties! Diane has also helped me to overhaul my family’s nutritional status with great information as well as appropriate supplements. Because of Diane’s guidance, I feel and look better than I would have hoped for. I couldn’t recommend her services more.

Diane has such a great knowledge base in all areas of strengthening that she has taught me how to truly train the proper muscle groups safely and effectively. I feel the time, money and effort spent working with Diane has been one of the better investments I have ever made.”
– Rina Drake

I have been training with Diane for 5+ years and in my opinion, she is one of the best in the industry and undeniably the best in the area.  I have worked out with other trainers in the past, have been a personal trainer, but have never been overly excited with the results.  Diane cares about her clients and is driven to help them achieve their goals.  She pushes me harder than I could imagine and I am amazed at the results.  I love it! Her knowledge, passion, dedication and commitment to not only the industry, but more importantly to her clients, is what sets her apart from anyone else.”
-Tara Lucier

Two years ago, I started seeing Diane to look a little better at my son’s upcoming wedding (which I did), but the true testament to Diane’s training program is that I am still going to see her. I love that she works me hard enough but not so hard that I can’t move the next day. She’s super knowledgeable on technique, nutrition, and how to keep me motivated. I have lost 45 pounds and most of the aches and pains that go with trending toward a senior discount. It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself. Diane can help you to take those first steps…and depending on how far you want to go, [she] can take you all the way to the finish line.”
– Maureen Sullivan

“I have been training with Diane for years. I decided to try a few sessions with her after joining a large gym. I was discouraged with the results I was getting with the hours spent in the aerobics/fitness classes. I started with 4 sessions over two weeks and quickly realized how much I had to learn about what getting into shape really meant. I ventured out into the weight training room on my own with a bit of confidence under my belt, but continued training with Diane too. Diane also provided a few personalized nutrition counseling sessions and in just a few months I saw the results I wanted!

Diane’s “no excuses” philosophy has helped me stay on track. When I had to travel frequently for work, she showed me exercises I could do using the minimal equipment that hotel fitness rooms offer. When I injured myself playing sports and thought “I can’t work out now”, she showed me how to work around the injured muscle. And, even during a training session when I just felt totally fatigued, Diane would give me just enough recovery time and then kick me in the butt.

I now have a stack of weight training record cards an inch thick that remind me what I have accomplished over the years. The cards help me workout on my own. They remind me of the variety of ways a muscle can be worked so that I don’t get bored. The cards document my progress so I know exactly what weight to use the next time I do an exercise and remind me how to do the exercise with proper form. Most importantly, the training cards help me set new goals and stay motivated.

In an industry full of certified wannabe trainers, it’s Diane’s 20+ years of experience and breadth of knowledge that exemplifies the standard by which any personal trainer should be measured.”
– Lisa Fong

“As a busy small business owner it is difficult to set time aside for exercising, especially when it seems like the work day never ends. Diane maximizes the use of my time with challenging workouts that yield incredible results. Each session with Diane is time well spent. I am seeing the results I wanted. I feel great – more energized to get back to work!”
– Roland Fong

Diane knows so much about her craft that I trust her completely. I would recommend her as a trainer without hesitation.”
– Barbara Hardy Beierl