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What We Offer

• Weight Training
• Nutrition/Weight Loss
• Body Fat Analysis
• Sport Specific Training
• Core Training
• Senior Training (to build independence)
• Any Health Issue (we will work with your Doctor/Physical Therapist)
• Customized Hours to fit your schedule

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The “Body Ball” Workout

Body Ball Workout at Natural Physique LLCWhen you incorporate the ball with strength training, the added benefits include improved balance, flexibility and coordination.

One of the reasons why the ball has become so popular is the fantastic core muscle workout it gives. The core muscles, also known as “postural muscles”, include abdominal, mid and lower back muscles. When you incorporate the ball with strength training, the added benefits include improved balance, flexibility and coordination.

Weak core muscles lead to poor posture and hence lower back pain. Many people have found that using the ball to strengthen core muscles also helps relieve chronic lower-back pain.

The ball is a very practical piece of exercise equipment because it takes up little space and when deflated it can easily be transported. You can do this at home or in the gym. You never need to miss another workout again!

TRX All Body Xpress Program

TRX All Body Xpress workoutThe TRX All Body Xpress workout provides a complete full-body workout in less than 30 minutes. It can be done just about anywhere. The program includes 4 exercises for the lower body, 5 for the upper body and 3 for the core that together provide a well-rounded training plan for the entire body.

It is best to begin with the basic progression that features shorter work intervals and longer transition periods in order to familiarize yourself with the TRX program and its exercises. As your fitness levels increase, you will be able to move up to the Advanced Progression.

Body Fat Analysis

This information is acquired by doing a Body Fat Analysis. This test will give you your body fat in pounds, and your lean body mass percentage.

We take the guess work away. We use calipers, along with your age and sex to determine if you want to gain muscle mass or stay toned. A standard scale will not provide you with a body fat percentage and that information is critical. When you lose weight, it’s important to lose it the right way. Your goal is to lose body fat, not muscle.

Nutrition is the key to any successful fitness program. 80% of your fitness goals can and will be achieved through proper nutrition. Without it, all the strength training and cardio in the world will not give you the results you are working so hard to attain. Did you know that eating food a certain way can either slow down or speed up your metabolism? Let us show you how it all works and how it will work for you!