Why Natural Physique?

Natural Physique Personal Training is committed to providing the most professional 1-on-1 training in the area. We work with you on a personal level. We will help you set and achieve realistic goals, design a workout program specific to you, provide you with accurate training and nutrition knowledge. We promise to keep you motivated. Whether you are recovering from an injury, getting ready for a sports event or just want to get healthier, we can get you where you want to be!

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No Intimidation!

We have created the areas “best” Private Personal Training Studio, that requires no membership dues with no intimidation – only results. We have gathered top-notch Personal Trainers to work with you on every skill level, offering exceptional advice and knowledge to help you get where you want to go safely and effectively.

“YOUR” Very Own Trainer!

Hello, my name is Diane LaCourse. At age 30, I realized I was out of shape, out of breath and becoming very unhealthy, and I wanted to do something about it. I started to train with weights and had very little knowledge of what the proper form was, breathing techniques, how many sets or reps I should do to get the results I wanted.

As a result of me not knowing the right way to do things, I over trained! I tried all the “fad diets” to lose weight, but to no avail. Nothing I did was working. At 33, I enlisted top I.F.B.B. Bodybuilder Laura Creavalle and her husband Chris Aceto to help me with the proper way to train with weights and nutrition.

I’ve since had the pleasure and opportunity to train with Lou Ferrigno “The Incredible Hulk”, Kim Hart, professional fitness competitor and physical therapist and, Lenda Murray, 6 time Ms. Olympia.

During all these training sessions, I saw remarkable results. These people are the best in the business and what they did for me, is what I can do for you!

Just Starting Out?

Natural Physique Personal Training will teach you proper form and breathing techniques to get you going in the right direction.

Lacking Motivation?

Don’t worry, we won’t let you fail! We give you all the motivation and support you need to keep you coming back to the gym and sticking to your individual program. We are always willing to learn and travel for fitness knowledge to give you the best and most accurate information to keep you on track. We can work around any injury you might have and still give you a great and effective workout!

The Importance of Stretching!

The two main purposes of stretching are preventing injury caused by exercise or day-to-day activities and a faster rate of recovery from exercise. Benefits of regular stretching are: decreased risk of injury from exercise, increased range of motion and overall flexibility, increased rate of recovery from exercise, increased strength, faster removal of waste products.