About Diane LaCourse

Diane LaCourse
• A.F.A.A. Certified Personal Trainer
• A.F.A.A. Certified Weight Room Specialist
• F.R.A. Nutrition Certified
• Senior Citizen Certification
• Professional Natural Body Builder
• Sport Specific Training
• Body Fat Analysis
• Free Personal Training Consultation

Some of Diane’s Accomplishments
• 1991 N.P.C./N.H. State Womens Overall
• 1994 A.N.B.C./New England Womens Overall
• 1994 A.N.B.C./USA Womens Tall Class
• 1996 N.A.B.F. Tri-State Womens Overall Womens Masters Overall
1996 N.A.B.F. Nationals 1st Place Tie: Womens Heavyweight Turned Pro
1997 Pro-Am 3rd Place

Some of Diane’s Influences
These people are some of the best in the business! What they did for me, I can do for you!

Lou Ferrigno
“The Incredible Hulk”
Lenda Murray
7 Time Ms. Olympia
Laura Creavelle
Top 5 Ms. Olympia. Trained with for over 7 years.
Dr. Shari Leiberman
Author of, “Dare To Lose”